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The best way to learn Louisiana's inshore waters by taking years off the learning curve.

Great Instruction

As a safety manager for a large oil and gas company, I pride myself on instructional and educational skills. It still holds true: keep it simple, keep it interesting, and be factual. Captain Devin has this down pat.

Stu W.

Just the facts!

It's very straight forward. No BS, and no fluff. I am halfway thru, but I enjoy the no nonsense approach.

Stu W.

Practical Application

The key is to get out and practice what is learned in this course.

Some of it doesn't make perfect sense until you get out and try it.

Chris M.

Great experience!

I fished as a kid, but was never really taught how to, my friends and I would just go do it and learn from trial and a lot of error.

This course puts it all into focus.

Chris M.

Easy to Learn

I love the ease of use and good explanations with pictures to help explain it all. Now I consistently catch fish when it was a total gamble before.

Chris M.

Fishing Spots

Previously I would look for spots that looked good to me, but I never really knew what to look for.

Now I do.

Chris Mills

Newfound confidence!

This course really gave me confidence to proceed with inshore fishing rather than just feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what the heck I'm doing.

Keith B.

Loved Inshore Fishing 101

The best part is the instructor responses, and being able to read everyone else's questions. The course material is good and the comments just make it even better. Other people think about things differently than all of us and give us different insights.

Keith B.

Experience was very good!

My dad actually put me on it and I was surprised that it was actually filled with REAL and practical info.

Mickey G.

Every angler could use this

My experience was great! I think every angler professional and novice could learn something from this. I have to work six days a week so I can only fish on Sunday not to mention I live two hours from the coast. LOL So it's nice to read and stay sharp on things because I don't get a huge amount of time on the water.

Adam W.

Crucial Inshore Fishing Knowledge

The knowledge inside is what I used as a fishing guide and tournament angler to consistently catch fish.

It's been compiled into an easy-to-learn format so you get straight to the good stuff: catching fish.

Why take months, or even years, to learn this knowledge when I can reveal it to you right now?

 Features Include...

  • Instructor Support   Have a question about the lesson? I'll be there to answer it for ya!
  • Lifetime Subscription   Get enrolled now, and never pay again (only for select courses)
  • Self-Paced Learning   There is no need to rush through the lessons
  • Take it anywhere!   These courses are fully functional on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Guaranteed!   30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Inshore Investment   You will spend more money learning everything on your own than if you had enrolled in the first place. Anglers with knowledge in these courses enjoy interruption-free fishing, making memories that last a lifetime.

Advanced Inshore Navigation

Navigate the marsh like your grew up there!

I show you the tools and knowledge to identify safe routes, create them and use on your fishing trips.

Advanced Inshore Navigation
Inshore Fishing 101

Inshore Fishing 101

This foundational knowledge used by fishing guides and avid anglers to catch limits of speckled trout and redfish.

Discover these time-tested techniques and what tackle works. Find biting fish and know what to do when the fishing gets tough.

Inshore Fishing 201

Inshore Fishing 201 builds upon the foundation of Inshore Fishing 101.

Anglers learn the advanced skills and knowledge to catch fish in scenarios where conventional methods fail.

Inshore Fishing 201
Sight Fishing Mastery School Sign Up

Sight Fishing Mastery School

Sight Fishing Mastery School gives you the skills and knowledge you need to locate, see and catch redfish in crystal-clear water.

This course will change how you fish and, honestly, you may never fish in any other way once you do!

Melissa Maguire Larson

I am improving!

I take my learning seriously and put it to practice. Now focusing on that Google earth and Navionics.

Sure you can get lucky sometimes and find fish. But with knowledge you can always find fish.

Charles Miller

Great site, Captain Devin

100-proof fishing knowledge, and it is continually updated and evolving to fit the needs of Louisiana inshore anglers.

Randy Harkins

Thank You

I admire Devin's truth and wisdom because it helps me a lot. I'm not asking for honey holes, but fishing knowledge and that's why I turn to Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Will Collins


As a native of the bayou I want people to come here, have fun and catch some fish! You can literally catch fish every day in Louisiana and I want anglers from out of town to be knowledgeable of a few of the tricks we have! lol Louisiana Fishing Blog provides those tips and tricks.