August 16

What I Learned From Captain Ryan Williams in Episode 80


This "knowledge bomb" from Captain Ryan Williams is a good one.

I love interviewing guests for my podcast because I get to share their knowledge with the world.

Sometimes I even learn something.

Today I had Captain Ryan Williams of Reel Southern Fishing Charters come aboard for Episode 80 of Inshore Interviews.


At the time of this writing, it's not out yet. Episode 80 comes out August 21st, 2017 

Captain Ryan's Advice on Tidelines

Everyone says "fish tidelines".

However, no one really offers advice on how to fish tidelines.

While there are many ways to skin a cat, Captain Ryan shared his methodology on approaching and fishing tidelines.

Approaching a Tideline

This is the scenario: Captain Ryan wants to fish the tideline coming through this "pinch point", as he calls it.

He approaches this tideline from upstream of it.

If and when he begins catching fish, he will determine where they are concentrated and then anchor down to fill his limit.

Remember, ideal boat positioning is key!

He Gave a Great Episode

Captain Ryan nailed it in Episode 80. When it comes out this Monday you'll get the chance to listen to more of his best fishing advice!

Book with Reel Southern Fishing Charters

I've referred anglers to Captain Ryan before and he absolutely delivered!

Call Captain Ryan 1-601-590-4005

Or contact him on his Facebook page


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