You’ve Never Used a Matrix Shad for This

MacGyver doesn't have sh*t on this inshore angler.

It was another fishing trip for Timothy Vujnovich - until his GPS began malfunctioning.

The screen kept flicking on and off. Without the GPS, navigation would be tough.

But Tim is experienced with this sort of thing, and figured it was a loose electrical connection.

He popped open the center console and confirmed this to be the case when he saw a troublesome wire.

Timothy cut it out and, having nothing to repair the wires with, twist them together and inserted a Matrix Shad over them.

A Matrix Shad.

Yeah, you read that correctly. A Louisiana-born soft plastic designed for the mouths of speckled trout (and more) switched roles to become a twist nut/insulator.

Matrix Shad Wire Insulator

To be specific, that's a Matrix Shad in Lemonhead. You can have them on their website, or a local tackle store like Gus' Tackle in Slidell.

This speaks volumes of Tim, because I cannot tell you how many times I've been in that exact situation and never thought to use a soft plastic.

It's an ingenious idea and something we can all learn from.

See the original post here.

Thanks for sharing, Timothy.


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Captain Devin

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