Louisiana Speckled Trout Art

What is the Louisiana Fishing Blog?

This website is where I share my personal journey in my quest to improve myself as an inshore angler. I pass on what I learn and experience on my fishing trips.

As a result, the Blog has become a resource for inshore anglers to catch more fish and safely navigate the marsh right here in the best inshore fishery in the world. The Blog is how I teach people to fish.

How did the Louisiana Fishing Blog begin?

I started the Blog back in 2011. I used it as an inbound marketing tool (fancy words, I know) to book fishing charters. In those days I was intrigued by the idea of owning a business and not working for Uncle Sam anymore. I would spend my free time writing in the Blog, whether I was home or deployed. When I was home, I was taking out fishing charters!

The Blog was a creative outlet that kept me busy while I was overseas. I didn’t always have a good Internet connection in those days, so I wrote ideas down on a piece of paper and later typed out fishing articles on my laptop. When the opportunity came I’d publish them here. I enjoyed creating articles that benefited other anglers!

Captain Devin

As time passed I grew tired of constantly going overseas. It was how I made a living, whether I was in the Marine Corps or working for Uncle Sam. I missed Louisiana a bunch! I had spent ten years deploying overseas and needed a change in scenery. I wanted to take on new challenges in entrepreneurialism.

I saw a lot of potential in the Louisiana Fishing Blog. I knew it was an opportunity to create something that didn’t yet exist, something that could serve a higher purpose.

So I quit my job and came home to take the Blog to new levels. That’s where I am today and will continue to be. I am a Marine and I have the determination it takes to make the Louisiana Fishing Blog the best inshore fishing resource in our state.

Captain Devin holding Redfish

Why Louisiana?

It goes without saying the entire Gulf Coast has excellent fishing. However, despite having similar species of fish our tactics and techniques differ with each state. Of all the different states that redfish and speckled trout call “home” Louisiana is by far the most unique.

Louisiana’s geography is defined by a massive river that has spent thousands of years building up her massive fishery. Indeed the Mighty Mississippi flows and has created habitat for everything from largemouth bass to yellowfin tuna. Where else in the world can you catch bass, speckled trout, redfish, red snapper and tuna in the same area?

Vast Marsh

Our marshes are so vast that one can spend a lifetime fishing them and never see every shoreline.

Why Inshore Fishing?

Louisiana boasts some of the world’s best fishing ranging from nationally recognized lakes for bass fishing, to the world’s best creel limits for inshore species to off-the-wall offshore fishing for red snapper, mahi mahi, tuna and more.

However, we focus on inshore fishing because it is the most popular and fun kind of fishing in Louisiana. In Louisiana we can fish schools of redfish that have never seen a boat or catch hundreds of speckled trout under a popping cork. For those who choose to do so, the sheer diversity in fishing allows one to hone their skills jigging for big specks or sight casting bronze “pumpkins” in crystal-clear water.

Simply put, our marshes are never too crowded to get away and have a good time doing what we love! There is something for everyone.

Our fishery is good year-round and gives us lots of options. The sheer vastness of our marshes guarantee a shoreline protected from the wind and a good bite for those willing to work for it.

Above all, inshore fishing is just plain fun.

75 trout and 6 redfish

How does Louisiana Fishing Blog help you?

The Blog can help you, the inshore angler, by providing the best content designed to help you catch more fish. My articles, videos and podcasts leave you with actionable advice you can use on your next fishing trip! Quite frankly, I have a wealth of information ready for you right here!

I also created an excellent inshore community located at Louisiana Fishing Reports with the latest fishing intel and discussion. Our members work together to help one another have a better and safer time on the water.

We also have an online school that is all about inshore fishing! With instructor support, updated content and a lifetime subscription you will be getting the most bang for your buck.

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What is Fishing Smarter?

“Fishing Smarter” is the culture of the Louisiana Fishing Blog and what I believe in. Fishing Smarter is paying attention to our environment, noting how fish are behaving and the conditions at hand in order to be a more effective angler. Everyone is happy when they catch fish!

Fishing Smarter is:

  • Understanding why it is fish behave the way that they do
  • Learning more about the conditions and how they affect fish behavior
  • Fishing responsibly
  • Conserving our marshes and swamps
  • Becoming more skilled at angling techniques
  • Safely navigating the marsh
  • Trying new lures
  • Engaging with like-minded anglers and exchanging ideas
  • Contributing to the inshore community, not taking from it
  • Being open minded
  • Not giving up!
  • Above all, having fun on fishing trips!

don’t believe in doing the same thing over and over again and not getting results. I don’t believe in not trying new tactics and lures. I don’t believe in neglecting our awesome fishery. I don’t believe in letting the sport of fishing die.

When you fish with the Louisiana Fishing Blog you are setting yourself up for success in inshore fishing.

Who is Inshore Nation?

Inshore Nation is anyone who “fishes smarter” for inshore species. You will hear myself refer to Inshore Nation on social media and in Inshore Interviews. We are Inshore Nation, you are Inshore Nation. Anyone hoping to sight cast that next red or jig for another trout is Inshore Nation.

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