July 7, 2012

Berkley Gulp Miracle!

Sometimes fish are just that hungry and lures are just that good.

I'm not an artificial or live bait only kinda guy. I use whatever gets the most fish in the boat in the most efficient manner possible.

This simply means I have no allegiances and that I am willing to try anything. Every now and then, there comes a bait that will stand out from the rest.

live gulp shrimp redfish fishing charter

This redfish fell for a Gulp Shrimp, but not like the trout in this article did!

Berkley Gulp Shrimp is one of those awesome baits.

I rig them on a kahle hook the same way I would a live shrimp: either through the head or tail.

I fish it the same way, on an Inshore Rig and get great results.

The best part? I can cast back out after boating a fish because I don't need to rebait the hook.

I also like Gulp Shrimp because they are scented. No, seriously. They are scented. They stink.

It did something other lures have not.

I have caught a lot of trout on a lot of artificial lures. Rarely have I seen a trout rip one off the hook and swallow it.

On this one particular fishing trip, I was fishing live bait and Gulp Shrimp. One of the trout finally ripped the Gulp Shrimp off the kahle hook, so I replaced it.

I still landed the trout, I just assumed the Gulp Shrimp came off the hook and was lost to the sea. Boy, was I wrong.

Later that day I was cleaning fish at the dock. Lo and behold, there was my Gulp Shrimp inside the speckled trout!

Check out the pictures!

Trout Swallowed a Berkley Gulp Alive 3" Shrimp in New Penny
Berkley Gulp Shrimp Trout Stomach

Captain Devin

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