November 5, 2017

Best Lures for Jigging Speckled Trout (Part Two)

I already covered rods, reels and fishing line. In this article, I go over the best lures for jigging speckled trout.

Having the correct tackle isn't enough to catch speckled trout at Lake Pontchartrain's bridges.

Remember, these bridges pose unique challenges to inshore anglers, not found elsewhere.

If you are reading this for the first time and are not up-to-speed on what I refer to, then you should read the previous articles related to this one:

Read this one first. I pose the challenge that bridges can be tough to fish and explain why.

After posing the challenge, I propose solutions in a three-part series.

In Part One, I detail which rods, reels and fishing line are for best deepwater jigging.

You are now reading Part Two.

If you already read those articles, then great! We can move on to fishing lures.

Best Jigging Lures for Speckled Trout

Jigging for speckled trout requires lures with a specific design to allow the technique to work.

These lures must have these qualities:

  • must sink in the water column
  • must be streamlined
  • must have a single exposed hook

These examples do not fit the bill:

  • spinnerbaits (too much surface area for current to grab)
  • gold spoons (again, too much surface area)
  • crankbaits (won't dive until you start retrieving)

The best lures for jigging speckled trout is a jighead and 3" soft plastic body.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These match all of the qualities mentioned earlier.

They will sink fast in the water column, without blades or skirts to slow their descent.

That and they don't have multiple treble hooks to snag the bottom, which is great because there is a lot of debris on the bottom of the water around the Trestles and Hwy 11 bridges.

Think about it: losing $4 lures adds up quick! So keep it affordable.

Soft Plastics

My favorite is Matrix Shad, and for a few reasons.

I like to stock up on Lemon Head, Ultraviolet, Purple Haze and Spartacus (not pictured).

About colors...

Note that's two light colors and two dark colors. There is no need for every color in the rainbow, as presentation is more important and usually what anglers lack.

Go ahead, swap out colors until you're blue in the face.

It won't change a thing if you can't get your lure in front of the fish.

I also like sparkle beetles. They've been catching fish since 1955 and the top speckled trout in Louisiana was caught on one, so it's kind of hard to beat that.


Designed to fit snugly into Matrix Shad, Goldeneye jigheads are my favorite for jigging the Trestles.

They have holographic eyes, come in varying weights and are not terribly expensive.

This is important because there is a LOT of junk you can get hung up on.

When you do, it's usually best to break the line and re-tie.


There's no point in me going into detail because I have already written about in this article.

Rigging a jighead and soft plastic correctly demonstrates you know what you are doing.

Nothing screams "I don't have a clue" more than a soft plastic rigged upside down.

Does it really matter?


Because it makes a difference between catching and not catching.

Yes, we all know trout will hit anything during a great bite. Those fishing trips are easy.

But what about the difficult days? Correctly rigged jigheads will catch when trout are being picky.


Having the right lure is just as important as having the right tackle.

In Part Three of this three part series I will go over the knowledge and skills required to employ the two.

Captain Devin

About the Author

Devin is a veteran of the Iraq War and former fishing guide. He founded Louisiana Fishing Blog in 2012 to share his ideas as a charter captain and still writes in it today. Since then he's created a fishing university — LAFB Elite — where he teaches inshore anglers how to safely navigate Louisiana's coast and catch more fish.

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  • Myself and a good friend of mine are designing a jithead specifically for trout reds and snoke we’re working on marking it out of South Texas right now he personally has been on the water with it and it’s working really good don’t want to give up any secrets yet but definitely will be in contact with you and have you do some testing if you want or some of your people

  • I forgot to mention rigging as you I always rig the way shown but I find sometimes I might accidentally bury to much of the hook making for a lot of missed strikes. Always match the jig to the lure as to where to bring the hook out for enough exposure.

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