November 14

What a Great Cast to Tailing Redfish Looks Like


You never want to cast to the fish! Instead you want to do this...

There are many elements to successfully sight fishing redfish. Good casting is one.

I know it seems obvious, but sight fishing isn't blind-casting dead shrimp with your paw-paw. It's a whole other level of angling that requires precision.

One difference is that you can see the fish. When you do, you want to present the bait to him, but there's a few things you must take into consideration.

Watch the video to see then I'll break those things down.

Great Cast to a Tailing Red

Avoid Direct Casts

Do not zing your bait directly to the redfish. Why?

Imagine This You're at the dinner table, about to eat your meal, when it suddenly flies off the table and smacks your face.

What are you going to do? Sit there and finish the meal?

You'd probably be dumbstruck. Some of us would run out of the room screaming and others would be selling tickets to the show.

But no one would finish eating the meal. It's not much different for redfish!

Redfish are not accustomed to having baitfish land on them, or charge their face.

So when it does happen, a "wtf" moment sets in and they are less likely to eat.

Make it Look Natural

You want the redfish to think he just happened upon the bait.

To do this, cast past him and bring the bait across his field of view.

You don't want to "line" him with your fishing line or bring the bait directly from the front or rear.

You want your presentation to look like this:


Sight fishing is a lot of fun, and there are tons of opportunities for it here in Louisiana.

To be successful, you have to be good at casting.

If you're not, the redfish will help you get there. :)

Tight lines, y'all.


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