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What the Perfect Sight Cast Looks Like

This is what every sight angler dreams of doing.

Sightfishing redfish is an addiction that runs across the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard. Everywhere from North Carolina to Texas anglers partake in this aspect of inshore fishing.

What is sightfishing?

Sightfishing is the art of casting to fish we can see underwater. Usually in crystal clear water and with the aid of polarized sunglasses, an angler’s quarry can be spotted swimming around, looking for something to eat.

When that happens, the angler makes a cast to the unsuspecting fish. Because the angler first sighted the fish and then cast to him, the action is called a “sightcast”. The art of this is called sightfishing.

While a multitude of species can be sighted and cast to, redfish take the crown along the Gulf Coast and especially in Louisiana. They can be so easy to spot underwater because of their vibrant red color.

Just look at the picture below.

More “gold” fish than redfish.

This can make them very easy to see. They almost look like a neon sign under the water’s surface!

This has an effect on anglers new to sightfishing

Their heart beat quickens and they fumble with their rod, causing their cast to miss.

If an angler misses, the fish may not see the bait. It’s also possible the bait could land right on top of the fish and scare him away.

So, sight fishing takes a little practice. It is an art, after all.

You don’t want to cast too close or too far away from the fish. You want the fish to think his hard work is paying off and that he has come upon the perfect opportunity to have something to eat.

What the perfect sight cast looks like

Wasn't that awesome?!

You should also know that water was so clear that the camera did not need a polarized lens.

That shot was filmed in Delacroix, Louisiana.

Delacroix is one of Louisiana's many hotspots for sightfishing and is the indisputable redfish capital of the world, sharing that title with other Louisiana locations such as Venice, Lafitte and Dularge.

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