May 29

3 Things You can do now to Improve Your Next Fishing Trip


You can do these simple things to improve your next fishing trip.

These three simple things will improve your fishing catch!

I'm not the best angler out there, but it's safe to say I am fairly good (and with the pictures to prove it). Often I get frustrated emails asking for an explanation as to how their trip went wrong.

After talking to people I've determined that these three simple things would drastically improve their fishing trips!

1. Don't stick around.

It's a common saying that we don't go fishing in Louisiana, we go catching. This is certainly true, so why would you keep casting at the same spot when you aren't catching anything?

When I arrive to a spot, I fish the top with a cork and the bottom with a Carolina rig. I will fan cast in every direction and if I have no luck I move on.

I move on even if someone says"I think I had a bite". Bites are not trout on the line. Bites are just that: bites.

Sometimes they are small fish too tiny to take your bait and therefore not worthy to pursue. Leave and go find fish somewhere else. Trout eat everyday and if they're not eating at your spot then they are eating somewhere else.

2. Come Prepared

The time to be tying new double rigs or spool new fishing line is not during the actual fishing trip.

When I launch the boat, I launch the boat to go fishing. Not untangling line, tying knots or rummaging for tackle.

My tackle is organized and easy to access. I have double rigs and Carolina rigs squared away in their own plastic bags so they don't get tangled.

Arrive to the marina with your boat squared away and ready to go!

3. Stop going to the same spots...

...even if fish are biting there.

Think about it: If the "Honey Hole" is your only trusty "go to" spot then what happens on the day it fails to put out?

Where will you go?

You had set yourself up for failure since you had spent the majority of your fishing trips fishing the same spots.

Not catching is not a total loss. It just tells you that the fish aren't there (so stop going there).

There is virtue in being able to find fish. You are genuinely good at fishing if you can be dropped off in an entirely new area and find a pile of fish! By being open minded and scouting new spots you are setting yourself up for success.


These three small, but important, tips will improve your next fishing trip. When you have more time and want to learn more try signing up for one of my courses!


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