Enhance your Arsenal: Tie on a Double Rig to Catch Speckled Trout
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Enhance your Arsenal: Tie on a Double Rig

It’s important you have the right tackle to succeed on your fishing trips. One of these tools is a long time favorite of mine: the Double Rig.

Use a Double Rig to Catch Speckled Trout

speckled trout double rig

What is a Double Rig?

A Double Rig is simply two jigheads tied together by a single length of line with one end being longer than the other. The middle of the line is tied with a figure eight knot.

What makes it unique?

This rig is special because you can catch two speckled trout in one cast.

The application of the double rig is a testament to the world-renowned fisheries we have here in Louisiana. I call catching two trout at once The Badge of Excellence, because doing so is an excellent indicator of a strong bite.

Benefits of the Double Rig

This rig can do things others cannot.

More Bait in the Water

The Double Rig literally puts twice as much bait in the water, which trout see and get worked into a frenzy. Even if you can’t initiate a feeding frenzy with this rig, it will certainly help boat more specks when the trout are slamming live shrimp.

You can use the live shrimp to get the trout going and once the bite gains momentum, you can really slam ’em using the Double Rig.

Improved Castability

The Double Rig works great as its added weight will help you cast farther.

It is imperative you cover more water to find biting speckled trout.

If you can cast 10 yards farther with a double rig and make 200 casts a day, then you are covering an additional 2,000 yards of water. If you could pick up 2,000 yards of water and pour it into a giant bucket, how many trout do you think would be inside that bucket?
Two Trout Double Rig Shad Rig

There is no denying the thrill of reeling in two specks on one cast!

Color Experimentation

Experimenting with color is an added benefit of the Double Rig. I’ll use one light color (usually chartreuse) and one dark color (usually purple) to see which one specks are partial to. When I zero in on their preference, I change both jigheads to that color.

How I employ the Double Rig

Merely casting and retrieving the Double Rig is good, but placing it effectively is key to speckled success.

I have caught a lot of big summer specks with finger mullet in their stomachs. Some of these mullet are bigger than what you think, as long as 12 inches! I have also found that smaller finger mullet reside within schools of larger mullet. So fish rafts of mullet with the Double Rig to catch speckled trout.

My crew won the Wounded War Heroes Fishing Rodeo by doing this.

Use This Technique

When you hook a speckled trout, let him “sit” in the spot. Don’t start reeling in right away!

Keep him and the Double Rig in the “kill zone”.

In no time at all, his partner in crime should be hitching a ride on the other jighead.

Captain Devin's Double Rig

Easily Made

Double Rigs are easily crafted and can be stored away in plastic bags for future use.

Learn How to Tie a Double Rig


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