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How Tropical Storm Gordon Did Us A Huge Favor

How Tropical Gordon Did Us A Huge Favor

This could be the “perfect storm” for inshore anglers. Understand how Gordon’s impact makes a promising fall run of speckled trout.

Fall has to be the best season for speckled trout and redfish in Louisiana.

And how good it can be depends on what’s happened since the last one.

All those conditions line up to set up fall fishing for a great, or “meh”, season.

How Tropical Storm Gordon Benefits The Marsh

In order to fully understand the potential Gordon has created, we must first be clear on why and how fall fishing so good.

Why is fall fishing so good?

There are a lot of things that make fall fishing such a great opportunity. Here are a handful:

  • Flounder run
  • Massive shrimp run
  • "Red October" - great redfish action
  • check
    Speckled trout return from spawning
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    Lower temps trigger longer feeding windows
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    Fish are generally closer to the dock and biting more often

What makes a great fall season?

Current conditions are a factor, of course, but conditions that happened months beforehand are also a big player. 

Examples include:

  • Current river height
  • Good push of saltwater
  • Consistent weather
  • River height during the spring
  • gradual dropping of water temp to 74 degrees and below

Where does Tropical Storm Gordon play into all of this?

First you gotta understand something:

Louisiana's fishing is so good because of the mixing of river and salt waters.

Rivers come up in the spring, dumping sediment and organic detritus (a fancy word for "crap") all over the place.

In turn, this creates more phytoplankton...

...which are eaten by zooplankton...

...which are eaten by bait...

...which are eaten by, you guessed it, speckled trout and redfish!

river water plus hurricane equals trout

And there's a bonus:

River water also allows aquatic grass to grow, giving a place for bait to thrive.

It should come as no surprise the best fishing are the areas with this annual influx of river water.

But only so long there is a corresponding push of saltwater.

I explain this in River Water Makes Louisiana Great

And yes, we did have a huge push of river water this year!

Not just from the Mississippi, but also the Atchafalaya and Pearl Rivers.

And not just this year, but over the last few.

Tropical Storm Gordon did us a huge favor by providing a good push of saltwater to match the amount of river water we got.

They are basically yin and yang, creating the ideal environment for inshore species depending on this cycle.

tropical storm gordon surge in shell beach

Fall 2018 Has Great Potential

We saw similar conditions in 2016, with the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway, a 500-year flood and a 1,000 year flood. 

Unfortunately those last two events caused widespread damage, but my point is that the fishing was unreal that year. 

So I feel this year's fall fishing will be on fire, all we need to do is bide our time. 

What do you think? Comment below!

About the Author Devin Denman

Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won't hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right.

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  • Devin says:

    Amen! I’m ready for it.

    I fished the Rigolets today and didn’t do bad catching 15 specks and ten whites, so I am hoping that’s an indicator of things to come.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Allen says:

    Great article Devin. I was talking about this exact topic with a fishing buddy this weekend as well. Once I saw the effects of the saltwater push for myself this past weekend in the Biloxi marsh I now have my hopes up that the cocktail of fresh and saltwater is mixing up as we speak and this fall is one to remember for us all!

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