April 7, 2012

If you’re chasing this thing, you are doing it wrong

Why I love inshore fishing so much and why it may not be for you.More than just fishing

The flora, fauna and weather of Louisiana's coastal wetlands have so much to offer. Life-long memories are waiting to be made on just the other side of the roseau cane.

The men and women who withstand its temperament, continuing to fish that vast marsh, all pick up valuable life lessons that make them not just better anglers, but better people.

Consider all the volunteers comprising the Cajun Navy: a lot of them were inshore anglers.

Anyways, some things don't have a place in inshore fishing. One of those would be immediate satisfaction.

In short, if you're chasing immediate satisfaction in inshore fishing you're wrong. I know, it sounds harsh, but life is like that, and so is the marsh.

What really makes fishing enjoyable for me is hard work and dedication to achieve amazing results.

I bring this up because some people give me the impression they want to have their cake and eat it, too. Sometimes I get the vibe they want to run straight to a hotspot and limit out on everything without having had to pay their dues in a single prior fishing trip.

Louisiana's wetlands are not so cheap or artificial. Neither am I.

Immediate satisfaction is not nearly as satisfying as working hard to achieve personal goals. Successful fishing is a mindset.

Otherwise, if that is what you want, then I suggest you take up video games.

Captain Devin

About the Author

Devin is a former fishing guide and lifelong inshore angler. He founded Louisiana Fishing Blog in 2012 to share his ideas as a charter captain and still writes in it today. Since then he's created a fishing university — LAFB Elite — where he teaches inshore anglers how to safely navigate Louisiana's coast and catch more fish.

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