May 29, 2018

Where Some of My Trout Have Been Recaptured


Earlier this month we caught, tagged and released a good deal of speckled trout at the MRGO Long Rocks. It's only been a couple weeks, but there is what happened to some of them.

If you've been checking here regularly, you know I was on some consistent trout action at the MRGO Long Rocks before it quit.

We caught well over 300 speckled trout, pulling out the bigger ones using artificial lures, like what I teach here

It was a good time, and some were kept for trout tacos (and/or sammiches), but a good deal were also tagged and released for TAG Louisiana, a cooperative tagging effort.

If someone were to recapture one of my trout, they'd call the 1-800 number printed on the tag to supply the recapture information (in exchange for a reward of some sort) and then do as they please with the fish (hopefully release it).

See, TAG Louisiana is cooperative, meaning they share the recapture information with the person who tagged it in the first place.

In this case, moi.

Anyways, a few recaptures have come back, and almost all of them have looked like this one below.

May 2018 Tagged Speckled Trout Recapture Report

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All three have been recaptured on the rocks, not far from where they were initially tagged.

What does this mean?

Well....nothing, really. 

It's only three fish, and for me that's not enough to prove anything Earth-shattering, but it does indicate that at least some speckled trout are still on the MRGO Long Rocks.

Maybe a huge mass of trout are still there, and that's why those three were recaptured.

Or maybe they were the only handful of trout left, and that's why they were so quickly recaptured. 

It's obvious you can slice it in more ways than one

Has this happened before?


In the past when I've tagged trout en masse in a single location, they are usually recaptured there, or not far away, and not usually long after being tagged.

What I'd be interested to see are recaptures for speckled trout that swim long distance, like this one here.

Captain Devin

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