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Ghost Pots

What Are “Ghost Pots” & How Are They Quietly Killing Louisiana?

Ghost pots are the most efficient killers in the marsh. Read on to learn why they're so dangerous and how you can help remove them.

Why I am a Card-Carrying CCA Member

Why I am (no longer) a Card-Carrying CCA Member

SEE UPDATE Some have given me a hard time for it, others don’t see why it’s a big deal. So let me explain.

Should Mardi Gras Pass be Closed?

Should Mardi Gras Pass be Closed?

It’s a controversial topic, for those in the know. Here is what I think.

Why I Believe in Louisiana's Inshore Fishing Guides

Why I Believe in Louisiana’s Inshore Fishing Guides

Louisiana’s fishing guides are important in more ways than one.

River Water is What Makes Louisiana Great

Four Years Later, I Learned This About River Water

My journey in inshore fishing has revealed to me truths I otherwise would not have learned.

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