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Ghost Pots

What Are “Ghost Pots” & How Are They Quietly Killing Louisiana?

Ghost pots are the most efficient killers in the marsh. Read on to learn why they're so dangerous and how you can help remove them.


RANT: Inshore Fishing Has Never Been Easier

So stop being a sissy and launch the boat already, or read on to see exactly what’s so annoying.

Delacroix Closed to Fishing

Part of Delacroix Closed to Fishing

It seems ridiculous this is even possible, but it’s very real and spreading across Louisiana’s marsh.

flying boat

Wanna fish Louisiana? You may need this flying boat!

Do you plan on staying in Louisiana? Then you may want to trade in your bay boat for a “bay plane”. I tell you why.

How long did this redfish grow in 6 months

How long did this redfish grow in 206 days?

He was at large for 206 days before being recaptured (and re-released). So how long did he grow in that span of time?

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