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Why I am a Card-Carrying CCA Member

Why I am (no longer) a Card-Carrying CCA Member

SEE UPDATE Some have given me a hard time for it, others don’t see why it’s a big deal. So let me explain.

Should Mardi Gras Pass be Closed?

Should Mardi Gras Pass be Closed?

It’s a controversial topic, for those in the know. Here is what I think.

Why I Believe in Louisiana's Inshore Fishing Guides

Why I Believe in Louisiana’s Inshore Fishing Guides

Louisiana’s fishing guides are important in more ways than one.

River Water is What Makes Louisiana Great

Four Years Later, I Learned This About River Water

My journey in inshore fishing has revealed to me truths I otherwise would not have learned.


This Big Speck Swam Very Far

Every time one of my fish are recaptured, I am often left with more questions than answers.

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