July 19, 2017

Going Fishing is Breaking the Law in Louisiana & This is Why


It's not coastal erosion. It's not river diversions. It's not even BP oil.


Fishing Freedom Is Threatened

I was always under the impression waters we fish are open to the public.

This means that anybody with a fishing license can traverse those waters to pursue speckled trout and redfish.

In fact, this is the case everywhere in America: As they say in Texas, "If you can float it, you can boat it."

But this is not the case in Louisiana.

Louisiana is unique, in more ways than one.

We don't have Common Law, as other states in the Union do.

Instead we have a Napoleonic Code, a French civil law that operates a little differently.

Let's keep things simple...

There are loopholes in our Napoleonic Code that can be creatively misinterpreted with the right lawyer.

With these loopholes, it's possible to claim ownership of the water and kick anglers out.

Let's be clear: this is not in reference to farm ponds.

Instead, I am referring to water that flows and ebbs with the tide. Public water.

Folks with deep pockets are doing exactly that, gating off tidal water to prevent access.

They've gone one step further by hiring thugs to run anglers out.

There are Consequences

This is a serious issue, more serious than any other.

We see it more on the west side of the Mississippi River than we do on the east side. But the trend is spreading.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can a marina launch boats if anglers have nowhere to fish?
  • Where will swamp tours take tourists?
  • What happens to conservation if inshore angling is diminished?

 Here's the crazy part: all of this activity is open defiance of the Civil Code.

So not only is what they're doing un-American, it's downright criminal, and they are getting away with it.

What to do?

There are two things you can do:

  1. Get Educated
  2. Join Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition

You can join others like yourself inside this Facebook group to discuss and learn more about this issue.

Secondly, you need to join the Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition.

They are the only grassroots organization, for anglers and by anglers, that is fighting for your fishing freedom.

That's right, not even the CCA is going to fight for you.

Captain Devin

About the Author

Devin is a former fishing guide and lifelong inshore angler. He founded Louisiana Fishing Blog in 2012 to share his ideas as a charter captain and still writes in it today. Since then he's created a fishing university — LAFB Elite — where he teaches inshore anglers how to safely navigate Louisiana's coast and catch more fish.

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