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drift socks, shallow water anchors, fishing pliers, fishing nets, depth finders, mapping cards, and more

There are so many different kinds of inshore fishing equipment made by so many different companies that it is nearly impossible to keep track of it all, much less know what is worth your dollar and what is just a scam.

It's time to cut the crap and get down to brass tacks! The blog posts below reveal the best inshore fishing equipment you want on your boat.

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Randy Harkins

Avid Angler

This one particular time someone told me to check out Louisiana Fishing Blog. Boy that was probably the best tip I have ever gotten. 

I have gained so much knowledge, took notes, got advice on the right rods and reels, tackle, how to find fish, etc.

...or enjoy these blog posts detailing the best inshore fishing equipment:

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How i learned what makes the best inshore fishing equipment

This one is easy: experience.

All the prime destinations on Louisiana's coast from Lake Pontchartrain, to Venice, to Lake Calcasieu offer various environments all wielding their own inshore fishing challenges. 

It's a good way to push inshore fishing equipment to the limit, and not all of it has stood the test of time. 

Read my product reviews and you'll see that I stand by my word, and won't endorse something if it doesn't perform or last.

Is it really that important to get the best fishing gear?

Only if you like your hard-earned dollars and enjoy coming home.

Consider these questions:

What if your boat breaks down far away from cell service?

What if your trailer hub fails on the highway?

How will you feel when the fish of a lifetime escapes a broken landing net?

Look at the map below. Isn't it clear why you'd want reliable inshore fishing equipment?

inshore fishing equipment

Having good inshore fishing equipment isn't as cool as having the latest rod or reel, but it is arguably more important when you consider help isn't a phone call away.

get the right inshore fishing equipment so your dollars count

When you purchase fishing gear you aren't buying fishing gear so much as you are investing in a means to an end.

That end? Making memories that last a lifetime. Going on epic fishing trips. I think you get it.

And if you try to save a few dollars on some flimsy piece of crap, then don't be surprised when – later down the road – you're buying something to replace it.

That is what makes fishing expensive: not having the best inshore fishing equipment in the first place.

lets get the best bang for your buck!

I'm a total gear nerd, and can break down why something is awesome (or is not). I'm always playing with new inshore fishing equipment, but the only way I can tell you about it is if we stay in touch.

Please, consider signing up so I can let you know next time I do a product review or show you how to use something.

Tight lines!

- Captain Devin

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