Discover the most important issues of Louisiana Saltwater Fishing Conservation

water access, coastal erosion, riparian rights, oil spills, overfishing, speckled trout creel limit

The issues concerning Louisiana saltwater fishing conservation are important to every inshore angler looking to preserve the excellent, world class fishery we have.

But which issues are the most important? How can you help?

All the blog posts breaking it down are listed below.

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what are the worst issues in Louisiana saltwater fishing conservation?

Not everything is fun and games when it comes to fishing. It's not long after you start casting a line you notice things could be better:

But, take another glance, and you'll see that the solutions to them aren't always so cut and dry. That's why they require our genuine and heartfelt attention.

Why are these issues so important?

Because Louisiana's fishery is world-class. It's safe to say that her coast, built by a big muddy river over eons, is part of our world heritage.

Honestly, words cannot do her justice, and it's frustrating because I am trying.

All I can say is that if you've been fishing in her waters, then you know she's worth saving, and that, if you have not, you cannot possibly know.

So, if you've never been here, then it sounds like a good opportunity for you to visit. ;)

beautiful louisiana marsh sunset

If you've ever been fishing in Louisiana's marsh, then you know what these mornings are like.

Fishing for speckled trout, redfish, flounder, etc. in Louisiana's inshore waters is relatively easy, even when conditions aren't the best.

I'm not saying it's impossible to get skunked, but if you make the effort it's pretty hard to.

And being able to easily catch fish is important, because I believe that fishing is more than "just fishing", and that we can only gain more allies in Louisiana saltwater fishing conservation if people become anglers by falling in love with fishing in the first place.

After all, it's difficult to love fishing if you don't ever catch, right?

Can we really make a difference?

Yes, you absolutely can, but not by yourself.

We are stronger together, working as a team, focusing on the same goals.

However, we are doomed if we try undertaking any of these gargantuan issues by ourselves.

They're just too big.

learn the real facts about Louisiana Saltwater Fishing Conservation 

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