Utilize good fishing safety so you always enjoy incident free fishing trips

life jackets, kill cords, float plans, planning ahead, life line and more

Fishing safety is often overlooked for lures, equipment and techniques.

Sure, it's not as fun and flashy as those things, but it's just as important. After all, fishing trips are best enjoyed safely, so use the tips and tricks in the blog posts below to ensure you always "arrive alive".

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Will Collins

Avid Angler

As a native of the bayou I want people to come here, have fun and catch some fish! You can literally catch fish every day in Louisiana and I want anglers from out of town to be knowledgeable of a few of the tricks we have! lol Louisiana Fishing Blog provides those tips and tricks.

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Please don't learn good fishing safety the hard way!

Hi, my name is Devin and I'm the owner of Louisiana  Fishing Blog, and chief instructor at Inshore Fishing 101.

I feel that good fishing safety practices are overlooked, so that's why I write about and gave them their own category on this website.

Good fishing trips don't necessarily start with knowing where the fish are, or which bait to use, but rather going (and returning) safely.

what are some good examples of fishing safety?

That's a good question, so I'll start with the fact that it's obvious we should all wear our kill cord when driving a boat.

And that's it: it's so obvious.

We all know we should, but that doesn't necessarily mean we do.

What I want to share with you in these fishing safety blog posts are the less-obvious tips that make safe practices practical in the first place.

Because you know when you wear your kill cord it tends to get tangled on you or the steering wheel, especially on a bay boat.

But not when you use this simple trick.

Kill Cord

This is a great trick if you drive a center console, standing or sitting.

See how wearing it like that will keep it down and out of the way? Neat, isn't it?

When you practice fishing safety in an easy and more comfortable way, you are more likely to do it more often.

This could save your life one day.

prepare for worst case scenario on your fishing trips

You'd have to be blind to not see that inshore fishing comes with inherent risk. Here are some examples:

  • vibro vulnificus
  • hypothermia
  • blind corners
  • stings from rays and hardheads
  • and worse

Yep, fish long enough and you'll get stung by a stingray.

It's virtually inevitable and I am telling you it is the worst pain in the world, and could give childbirth a run for its money!

And what's worse is that when you do get stung, you will probably be far away from the marina, as the Louisiana marsh is vast and the best spots aren't always near the dock.

That's a long ride back to deal with all that pain.

But if you knew how to ease the pain using this clever technique, then you may be able to keep fishing through the day!

That's successful fishing safety! :)

See how i use safety precautions when planning fishing trips 

My planning section inside Inshore Fishing 101 is the greatest teaching tool available to you. 

It's there I show you exactly where it is I plan to fish and what safety precautions I'll take, based on the conditions and the nature of the area.

Oil field trash, shallow water and more are all threats to a moving boat that must be acknowledged and mitigated.

Failing to do so can result in a catastrophe like this one.

These videos can be lengthy, because I meticulously go over the area I'll be navigating and fishing, in order to avoid underwater hazards and safely traverse the marsh.

It's solid fishing safety, all before I ever launch the boat. 

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Tight lines!

- Captain Devin

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