April 10

Use This Clever Trick To Comfortably Wear Your Kill Cord

You already know why you should wear your kill cord, so here's a great tip to make wearing it as comfortable as possible.


Wearing a kill switch is a good habit that most of us make a bad habit of not doing. After all, doing so can prevent a world of hurt.

Picture running across a large body of water (Lake Borgne, Barataria Bay or Terrebonne Bay, for example) when circumstances lead you to fall out of your boat.

If your kill cord isn’t attached it can’t be pulled out of the kill switch. That is when the worst happens: your boat keeps going and you stay put.

Best case scenario you are conscious and watch your boat take off over the horizon until it either hits something or runs out of gas.

Not good.

Or, your boat can turn around and run you over, which seems to happen especially with tiller motors.

Definitely not good.

However, most of us don’t wear a kill cord not because we forget, but because wearing it can be a pain. Most of us wear our kill switch around our wrist or attach it to a belt loop.

Using either of those methods makes it easy for the lanyard to become wrapped around the steering wheel, which is equally dangerous.

If you accidentally pull the kill cord loose the motor can quit when you need it most, like in the midst of a turn.

Clever Trick for Your Kill Switch

However, a kind member of LAFB Inshore share a neat way to attach a kill cord so that it doesn’t get in the way but still works.

Kill Cord Trick

I realize I could have tied my shoes better that morning when taking pictures of my kill cord. LOL

Just attach it around your ankle or to your shoe.

It’s incredibly ingenious! Why haven’t I thought of this before? This method of wearing a kill cord is far more convenient and safe.

This trick works whether you are standing up or sitting down, as your foot position doesn’t really change. While the boat is running you are staying behind your steering wheel, right?


It’s good to note that this trick works best for boats with a center console, like a flats boat or bay boat. After all, these boats make up the majority of the field in the marsh.

A boat with a tiller should have the kill cord attached to the life jacket.

A bass boat (which I use in most of my fishing trip reviews) probably wouldn’t warrant the kill switch around the foot, since it is going to be under the console.

Do you have a clever trick for your kill cord?

Just post it in the comments below!


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