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Leave A Lifeline With GOTWA (So You Always Return To The Dock Safely)

GOTWA comes from the playbook of Marine Corps Bulk Fuel, guiding novice and expert anglers alike through five easy steps so they always return safely.

Why You Should *Always* Wear Eye Protection

Why You Should *Always* Wear Eye Protection

You’ll laugh when you see this, but it still drives home how important it is to fish safely.

Three Reasons Why I'm a Sea Tow Member

Sea Tow Membership: Undeniably Good Reasons You Need To Have It

Don't make the mistake of not being prepared when the inevitable strikes. These are the good reasons why you need to have a Sea Tow membership.


Know Your Wake

Boating is part of inshore fishing, and knowing your wake is part of boating.


This Simple Kit Could Save Your Life If You Ever Fell In The Water

This is a worst-case scenario anglers never think of, and could easily kill them if they’re unprepared. 

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