Expertly judge saltwater fishing conditions so you're always fishing the best spots at the best time

cold fronts, overcast weather, temperature drops, salinity changes, spillway openings, moon phases, predicted tides & more

Yep, it's true: no two days of fishing are exactly alike. Every day in the marsh is a new one with its own unique set of conditions.

What separates professional anglers from novice fishermen is the ability to accurately judge saltwater fishing conditions and, of course, knowing which ones to look at. 

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As a native of the bayou I want people to come here, have fun and catch some fish! You can literally catch fish every day in Louisiana and I want anglers from out of town to be knowledgeable of a few of the tricks we have! lol Louisiana Fishing Blog provides those tips and tricks.

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How i learned to judge fishing conditions in louisiana

If you've ever watched any of my fishing trip reviews then you know the very first thing I do: look at current and predicted conditions.

Fishing conditions are everything on any trip! Yes, I know that's obvious, but fact of the matter is that most anglers don't pay attention to the ones they need to or, even worse, use the wrong resource for judging saltwater fishing conditions they do know to look at.

Why are saltwater fishing conditions so important?

Because they dictate when, where and how we will be fishing. For example, during the summer pattern, speckled trout are found on the "outside" of the marsh where they are utilizing the saltier water to spawn.

Examples of these areas include Breton Sound, Black Bay, Vermillion Bay, Mississippi Sound and more. They all have great potential during the speckled trout spawn!

But – if there's one thing all these areas have in common – it's that they are wide open and not protected from a heavy wind at all. This is a big deal, because a stiff 15-20 knot wind can create dangerous two and three foot waves.

It doesn't matter how good the fishing is if you can't safely navigate those waters, right? It would be even worse if you planned to go to a place like Breton Sound and discovered that your entire day of fishing was over before it even got started!

So that's one example of why knowing saltwater fishing conditions, where to measure them and how to judge them is so important to the success of your fishing trips.

saltwater fishing conditions

Catching gorgeous speckled trout like this is much easier when you can expertly gauge saltwater fishing conditions.

What conditions should we be looking at?

That's a broad question, and this list is an attempt to cover the ones that matter the most:

  • Seasonal Pattern
  • Wind Strength & Direction
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Levels

But there's a lot more to it than that, such as: presence of river water, salinity, primary forage, fishing pressure, water clarity and more. 

But there's more: you're not looking only at the conditions for the day you are going fishing, but the saltwater fishing conditions leading up to that day. How the fish are affected leading up to that point in time is everything and often overlooked by anglers.

Expertly judging inshore fishing conditions is not easy but, since Louisiana Fishing Blog's posts are organized into categories, you can find everything you need to know relating to conditions in the posts on this page.

Let me show you how I plan trips based upon saltwater fishing conditions

I've already mentioned them a couple times, but my Fishing Trip Reviews are one of the greatest teaching tools available. They are broken down into three parts:

  • Planning Video
  • The Fishing Trip
  • Post Trip Review

The Planning Video shows you exactly how I plan a fishing trip based upon past, current and predicted conditions. It's in this video I'll pick out fishing spots, sometimes picking as many as 40+!

Then I go fishing, recording all the spots I cast a line so you can see how each spot produces (or not).

Finally, in the Post Trip Review, the day's GPS tracks are uploaded to Google Earth and we go over everywhere it is I went fishing, what happened, what worked, what didn't and so on.

This is the best way I can prove to you that I know how to judge saltwater fishing conditions for inshore fishing in Louisiana.

Want to see a planning video? Watch this one for free on YouTube.

judging Saltwater fishing conditions to catch speckled trout & redfish doesn't have to be complicated

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