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How to Find the Knowledge You’re Looking For

There are tons of kickass fishing knowledge at your disposal. Here’s the best way to sift through it all.

How to Search Louisiana Fishing Blog

The Internet is an awesome thing, making information easy to search for and even easier to digest.

Heck, as a kid I recall begging my father to get a computer and dial-up to access the Internet.

This led me to spend just as much time on a computer as I did fishing or hunting, and was able to learn a lot more by “wandering” the Internet than sleeping in class (I was a horrible student).

Naturally, LAFB was made easy to navigate, making key fishing advice that much easier for you to discover.

Let's be honest.

You launch the boat to catch fish, not enjoy sunsets.

I want you to catch fish because when you do you’ll go fishing more and more, and even inspire others to do the same.

There’s no way we can lose by you catching fish. We, as an inshore community, only stand to win.

How to Search LAFB

There is a search box located at the bottom of every page, scroll down, type in your search criteria, and you’re set.

There is also a category drop-down menu!

I try to sort every article into a meaningful category that easily identifies what it is you’re looking for.


So there you go!

Put in a little bit of time searching and you’d be amazed what you’d find here, maybe something that will unlock a string of successful fishing trips.

Tight lines, y’all!

Want easy learning all in one spot?

LAFB Elite is my one-stop shop for inshore anglers who want it all, in one place, with instructor support and lifetime access.

Sure, you can search YouTube and Facebook, but that knowledge is usually scattered, incomplete and coming from someone who isn't going to be there when you have a question or need help with something.

About the Author Devin Denman

Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won't hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right.

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