September 3

Obvious Difference Between Polarized and Unpolarized Lenses

The difference means seeing the fish, and more.

What exactly is the difference between polarized and unpolarized lenses?

I mounted an adjustable polarized lens on my camera and hit the marsh to get a quick video demonstrating the difference.

I shot this gar as an example (because he was sitting still).

Now you understand!

Sight Fishing in Louisiana

Sight fishing in Louisiana has its challenges. One of those is being able to see the redfish.

While we do have crystal-clear water, not everywhere hordes of redfish swim is that clean. Sometimes redfish skirt on the edge of dirty water, using it as cover to ambush prey.

Other places have super-clear water that is stained a brown or black color. This is called "blackwater" and results from tannic acid introduced by rotting vegetation.

This blackwater can be tougher to see in if you don't have a good pair of polarized lenses.

I already have an article about telling the difference between a good and bad pair of polarized lenses.


redfish, sight fishing

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