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Why You Should *Always* Wear Eye Protection

Why You Should *Always* Wear Eye Protection

You’ll laugh when you see this, but it still drives home how important it is to fish safely.

how to keep rods from tangling

Two Things To Keep Rods From Tangling

It’s annoying when you grab one rod and three come with it. See how I keep rods from tangling.


This Small Wintertime Measure Could Save Your Ass

It’s a worst-case scenario anglers never think of, and can easily kill them if they’re not prepared.

Pocket Items

Pocket Items Every Angler Should Have

Old-timers from another era taught me a simple habit that helps me succeed.


The Difference Between Good and Bad Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are not all the same. I show you the difference between high and low quality lenses.

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