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The Best Spinnerbait for Redfish

There are spinnerbaits, then there are spinnerbaits for redfish.

Favorite Redfish Spinnerbait

I love sight fishing for redfish and one of those “all purpose” lures is the spinnerbait. It’s time tested and it catches everything, not just redfish.

Spinnerbaits can be had anywhere. In fact, I doubt tackle stores that don’t carry them exist!

However, there’s a problem with the majority of spinnerbaits.

The Redfish Spinnerbait Problem

Spinnerbaits have their roots in bass fishing. And, if you have been following this Blog and my podcast, Inshore Interviews, then you know how I feel about bassing.

I believe bass angling is the gold standard.

In fact, most baits used for bass work really well for redfish. After all, they co-exist in the marsh.

But, bass don’t put up a fight like redfish do. It’s nowhere close. They pull a little, jump, shake their heads and then come to the boat. That’s it.

Redfish? They spin 20lb drag washers like a DJ spins a record.

So, it’s not uncommon to have redfish completely smash spinnerbaits, bending the wire and ripping off the jighead.

The Redfish Spinnerbait Solution

Josh Hall is an IFA, LASS and Tito’s redfish tournament angler. He has had the same experience with conventional spinnerbaits, feeding them to hungry redfish and watching them get destroyed.

He took the iniative and created his own spinnerbait, the Hall’s Heavy Duty (HD) Spinnerbait.

Stronger Wire

The HD Spinnerbait has a stronger, thicker wire redfish have a tough time bending.

HD Spinnerbaits use a 1.6mm wire, whereas conventional spinnerbaits use 0.9mm wire.
buzzbait spinnerbait redfish

Yes, that’s a buzzbait, but the concept is the same.

Better Jighead

Josh spares no expense when it comes to the jighead of his spinnerbaits. He uses Laguna jigheads with a Trokar hook.

ribbed jighead redfish spinnerbait

Ribs like these don’t let soft plastics or skirts slip off.

The jigheads also feature three ribs to hold any soft plastic in place. No sliding off!

Better Hook

These Trokar hooks are sharper than average, which is needed for good hooksets on a hard redfish mouth. They are sharper because they are made using Trokar’s Surgically Sharpened Technology.

This technology is the same used to sharpen surgical needles.

Trokar SST Hook Redfish Spinnerbait


I have used Hall’s HD Spinnerbaits for awhile now.

I believe in them so much I bought ten in my last order. 
Redfish Spinnerbaits

Two is one and one is none. In this case, 10 is 9.

Where to Buy

You can contact Josh at his Facebook page to get your own.

Keep in mind, Josh makes these by hand, and this is a trade he does on the side.

There may be a waiting time depending on how many orders he is doing, but they are worth the wait!

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