September 13, 2012

Routes across Stump Lagoon


Stump Lagoon has been something of a misnomer amongst anglers who wish to safely navigate this area.

Stump Lagoon in the Biloxi Marsh

I have never found any "stumps" in Stump Lagoon, just as I never found any dead men on Deadman Island or treasure in Treasure Bay.

Once upon a time, cypress trees were common across that area. After all, Bayou LaLoutre is where the Mighty Mississippi River used to flow. So I am sure that cypress stumps existed, but with the introduction of salty Gulf water via the MRGO, I am sure that changed.

During the winter, when the water gets exceptionally clear in the marsh, I have spotted old cypress stumps on the extreme east end of the lagoon, but not in the path running from pass to pass.

How to cross Stump Lagoon

I can tell you that I have not hit anything in the open in Stump Lagoon. I have occasionally come across foreign objects near the shoreline, but other than that my lower unit's experience has always been a positive one.

A l reader of the Blog asked me to post a route across Stump Lagoon and I have happily obliged him.

Look, when it comes to the safety of our lower units we tend to be very careful! You don't let your kids play near traffic and we don't drag our lower units across underwater obstructions!

Take a look at this picture. The red line is the newer route and the blue line is the old route used to avoid stumps since bygone.

stump lagoon hopedale shell beach louisiana fishing

Captain Devin has no problem taking the red route.

Captain Devin

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