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How This Perfect Killer Could’ve Been Detected (And Saved $1,850)

You already know how my lower unit was ripped in half. In this video I detail how it could’ve been identified and prevented. I show you step-by-step.


How Venice Destroyed My Lower Unit (And Left Us Stranded)

Last year I experienced a bad boating accident in Venice, Louisiana. How did it happen? Watch this video to get the entire story.


Find Any Lake or Bayou From Scratch

Find any lake or bayou using this simple trick, so you know exactly where to go fishing and how to get there.


This Tool Finds More Fish Than Bing Maps

Sure, it’s a freely available source, but so is this other one. And it’s way better.


Easy Way to Find Old Maps of Louisiana’s Coast

You don’t need to sift through granpa’s stuff in the attic. Every old map you ever wanted is right here.

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