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best oyster reef for speckled trout

Look For This Important Feature When Fishing Oyster Reefs In Louisiana

Oyster reefs are productive for inshore fishing, until you realize there's a lot of them! Look for this painfully obvious feature to identify the best one.

best tide for speckled trout in october 750x500

Best Tide For Speckled Trout In October

There are falling tides, rising tides and everything between. So which one is the best tide for speckled trout in October?

side imaging shrimp

Side Imaging Shrimp Looks Like This

If you know what shrimp look like on sonar, then you’ll know how many are in a spot. If not, you’ll be left guessing.

speckled trout in September

Where are Speckled Trout in September?

Locating speckled trout in September can be difficult, so where are successful anglers finding them? Read on to find out.

drop shot for speckled trout

Drop Shot For Speckled Trout

A drop shot for speckled trout is an excellent choice when fishing deep water. Here's the tried and true method to tying it right the first time.

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