Practical Knowledge That catches speckled trout & redfish

Hi, my name is Devin!

I believe knowledge catches more fish than anything, and share mine with others so they can have fun catching, too.

My #1 goal is for you to catch fish, and these are the tools to help you do that.

Inshore Fishing 101

LAFB University

Online courses tailored to deliver inshore fishing knowledge in a simple format that is easy to learn.

These come with instructor support and a lifetime subscription.

Inshore Webinars

Webinars detailing specific topics like finding fish, rigging lures, and more.

These are free to attend, but replays are available only inside LAFB Elite.

webinar my favorite swimbaits
Devin Denman Sonar Seminar Super Dome

Inshore Seminars

Seminars hosted along Louisiana's coast, with each one focusing on a specific topic to help you catch more specks and reds.

Tickets are required to attend.


Love Louisiana Fishing Blog!

Randy Harkins

This one particular time someone told me to check out Louisiana Fishing Blog. Boy that was probably the best tip I have ever gotten.

I have gained so much knowledge, took notes, got advice on the right rods and reels, tackle, how to find fish, etc.

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Every angler could use this

My experience was great! I think every angler professional and novice could learn something from this. I have to work six days a week so I can only fish on Sunday not to mention I live two hours from the coast. LOL So it's nice to read and stay sharp on things because I don't get a huge amount of time on the water.

Adam W.

Just the facts!

It's very straight forward. No BS, and no fluff. I am halfway thru, but I enjoy the no nonsense approach.

Stu W.

New things learned

I like that I can go back through the course and make lists and notes. Very good videos. I liked a lot about it. It made me feel part of a group with the question and answer portion.

Michael G.