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Hi, my name is Devin!

Inshore fishing is my passion and I love catching limits of speckled trout and redfish on Louisiana's coast.

I share my fishing knowledge so you can go on awesome fishing trips, too!

You'll find that knowledge here in my inshore fishing guides & videos, just be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you're up to date.

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What are some good Venice summer speckled trout fishing spots worth trying? That and more is what you and I will explore in this guide.

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This single condition lends to great speckled trout action when the weather gets hot. This guide details what to look for and what to do.

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You should visit Grand Isle for the best speckled trout summer fishing spots. This guide explains why & where to go!

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The menhaden reduction industry poses a serious threat to more than just bull redfish, and Louisiana’s anglers should know why.

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Do speckled trout die when they’re released? In this guide we’ll explore some resources explaining what really happens when trout swim free.

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Here’s everything you need to know from selecting the best tackle and fishing lures to properly working a jig to catch speckled trout.

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Praise for Louisiana Fishing Blog

Kenny McBride

My "go-to" site!

Great community with lots of great reports. It immediately became my go-to site because it was actually filled with reports and not guides plugging their sponsors.

Randy Harkins

Thank You

I admire Devin's truth and wisdom because it helps me a lot. I'm not asking for honey holes, but fishing knowledge and that's why I turn to Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Randy Harkins

Love Louisiana Fishing Blog!

This one particular time someone told me to check out Louisiana Fishing Blog. Boy that was probably the best tip I have ever gotten.

I have gained so much knowledge, took notes, got advice on the right rods and reels, tackle, how to find fish, etc.

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