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Hi, my name is Devin!

Inshore fishing is my passion and I love catching limits of speckled trout and redfish on Louisiana's coast.

I share my fishing knowledge so you can go on awesome fishing trips, too!

You'll find that knowledge here in my inshore fishing guides & videos, just be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you're up to date.

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Get Inshore Fishing Tips & Start Getting Results

Here’s everything you need to know from selecting the best tackle and fishing lures to properly working a jig to catch speckled trout.

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Catching speckled trout on Lake Pontchartrain’s Trestles isn’t as easy as catching them in the marsh. Learn why & how to adapt.

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The Double Rig is a great choice to catch a limit of speckled trout. Here’s how to tie it, when to fish it and more!

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This guide explains how to tie the Heavy Drop Shot as well as the best ways to field it to catch limits of speckled trout.

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The speckled trout spring pattern is a lot of fun! This guide details their seasonal behavior, where to find them and which tackle works best.

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Being able to catch speckled trout deep is an essential skill of inshore fishing. This guide reveals the tackle & techniques you want to use.

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Praise for Louisiana Fishing Blog

Charles Miller

Great site, Captain Devin

100-proof fishing knowledge, and it is continually updated and evolving to fit the needs of Louisiana inshore anglers.

Randy Harkins

Thank You

I admire Devin's truth and wisdom because it helps me a lot. I'm not asking for honey holes, but fishing knowledge and that's why I turn to Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Will Collins


As a native of the bayou I want people to come here, have fun and catch some fish! You can literally catch fish every day in Louisiana and I want anglers from out of town to be knowledgeable of a few of the tricks we have! lol Louisiana Fishing Blog provides those tips and tricks.

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