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Hi, my name is Devin!

Inshore fishing is my passion and I love catching limits of speckled trout and redfish on Louisiana's coast.

I share my fishing knowledge so you can go on awesome fishing trips, too!

You'll find that knowledge here in my inshore fishing guides & videos, just be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you're up to date.

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Was it necessary to lower the limit for speckled trout? What kind of fishing can we expect? This article explores these questions and provides some fresh ideas you’ll want to know about.

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I don’t use live bait to catch speckled trout and redfish, and this article gives excellent reasons as to why.

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The best summer fishing spot for speckled trout is one you may not have tried before. This guide reveals where to go and when to be there.

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Something is happening to Louisiana’s coast. This article gives a glimpse what the future could hold for catching speckled trout and redfish.

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Biloxi Marsh tripletail are a great alternative to speckled trout. This guide gets you started in the right direction to catch a few.

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Lets explore the most drastic flooding event on Louisiana’s coast, how it impacted the fishing and what you can expect to happen next.

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Praise for Louisiana Fishing Blog

Charles Miller

Great site, Captain Devin

100-proof fishing knowledge, and it is continually updated and evolving to fit the needs of Louisiana inshore anglers.

Kenny McBride

My "go-to" site!

Great community with lots of great reports. It immediately became my go-to site because it was actually filled with reports and not guides plugging their sponsors.

Melissa Maguire Larson

I am improving!

I take my learning seriously and put it to practice. Now focusing on that Google earth and Navionics.

Sure you can get lucky sometimes and find fish. But with knowledge you can always find fish.

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