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Captain Devin

My name is Devin and I love inshore fishing!

I share the skills & knowledge to always catch speckled trout and redfish.


Q: What is the Ultimate Resource for Inshore Anglers?

A: Inshore Fishing Knowledge

  • The best tackle in the world won't work if you don't know where fish are biting.
  • You can catch thousands of speckled trout and hundreds of redfish each year using this expert knowledge, just like I do.
  • When conditions get tough, you will still get results!

12,000+ Inshore Anglers Receive My Weekly Analysis

No spammy bullshit.

Just my interpretation of the conditions in Louisiana, and how I'd fish them.

This knowledge catches specks, reds and more across the Louisiana coast

 Louisiana's inshore waters are diverse, ranging from blackwater to saltwater, and I fish them all. 

This required me to master a wide range of tackle and techniques to be successful in each one.

This knowledge is what I share.

How I Share This Knowledge

Inshore Webinars

Webinars with actionable advice to help you catch fish. These are free, but seats are limited.


Inshore fishing seminars on steroids. Attend a workshop in-person and learn advanced knowledge from the experts.

LAFB University

I teach you everything you need to succeed in the marsh, for the less than a fishing rod.


Listen to Inshore Interviews, where I interview today's inshore anglers to share their passion and best advice.

Fishing Reports

Actual inshore fishing reports for the areas you fish, not charter captains showing off their dock shots.

LAFB Elite

See how I plan and execute my fishing trips inside this exclusive membership

Of course, there is the Blog!


I am improving!

I take my learning seriously and put it to practice. Now focusing on that Google earth and Navionics.

Sure you can get lucky sometimes and find fish. But with knowledge you can always find fish.

Melissa Maguire Larson


As a native of the bayou I want people to come here, have fun and catch some fish! You can literally catch fish every day in Louisiana and I want anglers from out of town to be knowledgeable of a few of the tricks we have! lol Louisiana Fishing Blog provides those tips and tricks.

Will Collins

Thank You

I admire Devin's truth and wisdom because it helps me a lot. I'm not asking for honey holes, but fishing knowledge and that's why I turn to Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Randy Harkins

My "go-to" site!

Great community with lots of great reports. It immediately became my go-to site because it was actually filled with reports and not guides plugging their sponsors.

Kenny McBride

Love Louisiana Fishing Blog!

This one particular time someone told me to check out Louisiana Fishing Blog. Boy that was probably the best tip I have ever gotten.

I have gained so much knowledge, took notes, got advice on the right rods and reels, tackle, how to find fish, etc.

Randy Harkins

Great site, Captain Devin

100-proof fishing knowledge, and it is continually updated and evolving to fit the needs of Louisiana inshore anglers.

Charles Miller

Advanced Inshore Navigation

Navigate the marsh like your grew up there!

I show you the tools and knowledge to identify safe routes, create them and use on your fishing trips.

Advanced Inshore Navigation
Inshore Fishing 101

Inshore Fishing 101

This foundational knowledge used by fishing guides and avid anglers to catch limits of speckled trout and redfish.

Discover these time-tested techniques and what tackle works. Find biting fish and know what to do when the fishing gets tough.

Inshore Fishing 201

Advanced angling to catch fish where conventional methods fail

I show you how to master casting tackle and artificial lures to achieve presentations fish cannot resist.

Inshore Fishing 201
Sight Fishing Mastery School Sign Up

Sight Fishing Mastery School

The skills and knowledge you need to locate, see and catch redfish in crystal-clear water.

This course will change how you fish and, honestly, you may never fish in any other way once you do!

Well designed program.

I have been fishing for sometime but always with other people or guides. I just recently bought a boat and now I really need to learn how to fish.

This course was great and I look forward to Inshore Fishing 201!

Richard Prejean

Great Instruction

As a safety manager for a large oil and gas company, I pride myself on instructional and educational skills. It still holds true: keep it simple, keep it interesting, and be factual. Captain Devin has this down pat.

Stu W.

Newfound confidence!

This course really gave me confidence to proceed with inshore fishing rather than just feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what the heck I'm doing.

Keith B.