August 10

Three Things You Can Steal From Your Girlfriend To Use For Fishing

Not all the best tackle is had at the local store. It's a lot closer than you realize!

And sometimes it can be more effective, and cost efficient, than what's available from brand-name manufacturers.

Not convinced? Keep reading for a list of three things you can lift off your girlfriend to put more fish in the boat:

Hair Ties

Not every hook keeper is perfect nor every rig streamlined. Sometimes lures just don't fit where you want them!

But hair ties are excellent for securing drop shot rigs, or anything with an extra leader dangling about.

Extra points if it's pink; fishing buddies won't steal it.

Nail Polish

Those painted jigheads you have are chipping inside your tackle tray and, if they're not, a redfish will make short work of their finish.

However, nail polish not only comes in different colors and flakes, this female-friend lasts much longer than what comes standard on jigheads.

But hold your horses! Unless you're dating Harley Quinn, your girlfriend probably doesn't stock chartreuse or pumpkin seed.

The Solution

Gift it on her birthday, then claim ignorance when it mysteriously disappears after the trout have turned on.

Bug Spray

It's difficult to enjoy fishing when gnats, mosquitoes and deer flies are pumping your body dry of fluids.

Now, the obvious solution would be grabbing any aerosol labeled as insect repellent, but wouldn't that investment be better spent on a pack of lures?

Now you're thinking!

Chances are you won't find anything with DEET rummaging through her purse, but fact of the matter is that women's perfume is the best way to keep gnats off your skin.

Any angler worth his salt would vouch for Amber Romance, a perfume more befitting of seedy nightclubs than someone you'd want to date, but if it's at the bottom of her purse, then chances are she doesn't use it anyways and would be better utilized on your fishing trips.

No Amber Romance?

Beggars can't be choosers! Give it a squirt and experiment with what she has, maybe it works better.

Just make sure it's gone by the time you return home, or else you'll have some serious explaining to do as to whether or not you actually went fishing.

Tight lines, y'all!


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