Plastics, schmastics: Why I buy Dockside’s Matrix Shads.

Look, plastics are plastics. I buy Matrix Shads for two reasons: because they are made by a small business local to Louisiana and I have caught fish on them. With that said, I don’t think fish particularly care for name brands so much as they do presentation and action…which the Matrix Shad has!

Awhile back I went to Gus’s Tackle and Nets in Slidell to pick up some tackle. Something I was looking for in particular was  Dockside Matrix Shads in Lemon Drop. Loudafish of brought these out on a previous trip. What I like about them is that they have good action, like a Hybrid Flurry, but unlike a Flurry are TOUGH. The best thing about them is that they are made right here in southeast Louisiana, and not Honduras, Haiti or China. Pair this with a Golden Eye jighead and you are throwing an all-Louisiana rig. The hooks on the Golden Eye jigheads are stronger and sharper. Ribs are built into the jighead that keep a strong hold onto whatever plastic you are using. Earlier this summer I got into a pile of bullreds and caught them on these jigheads one after the other. They did not straighten out at all!

Golden Eye jigheads $9.23/pack

I really liked how vibrant the Lemon Head color is on these MATRIX Shads. They’re not faded at all. I will be fishing with them tomorrow side-by-side with other plastics. If they performed like they did before, I will phase out my Flurries (fish destroy them) and H&H (made in China), replacing them with Dockside’s products.

Buy Dockside Matrix Shads $8.93/pack

I believe it is not only fishing skill and knowledge that help boat more trout and redfish, but the little things that contribute that extra 1%. I challenge you to swim a Matrix Shad and similar plastics side-by-side. There is an unmistakable action a Matrix Shad has that other plastics don’t. I believe that action helps me catch more trout and reds. Combine all those small techniques and items, and you will find yourself putting 25% more fish in the boat. Makes sense, right?

Devin Denman
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