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Clean Water is Easily Found With This High-Tech Tool

Clean Water is Easily Found With This High-Tech Tool

The 21st century is rife with tools that were never meant for us in the first place.

You hear it all the time:

Find clean, moving water with bait and you will catch a lot of fish.

In Louisiana’s inshore waters, those three conditions are the general rule. Fish like speckled trout and redfish don’t enjoy dirty water.

They feed primarily by sight and it’s difficult for them to see in dirty water, just like it’s difficult for you to see in a dust storm or heavy smoke.

On top of this, dirty water is tough on their gills just like heavy smoke is tough on your lungs.

Inevitably, specks and reds will leave dirty water to find better conditions, especially if the bait has moved out!

Finding Clean Water

I have written a lot about finding clean water and judging water clarity. However, getting it done is not as easy as it seems, even if you are an experienced angler.

After all, Louisiana has a lot of shoreline! A lot of inshore anglers struggle to find clean water.

However, there is this one tool that can help demystify the process. It’s a resource on the Internet called MODIS Today.

Hosted by the University of Wisconsin, this site makes available a USA composite photo taken each day by two different satellites of NASA’s Earth Observatory System, Terra and Aqua.

Each day these two satellites pass over the United States and take a giant photo of our great country available in three different resolutions:

  • 2000m
  • 1000m
  • 250m


The “m” stands for meters per pixel.

So, 2000m is a wider view and 250m is a zoomed-in view.

Since there are two satellites, we have two different pictures taken each day of Louisiana’s coast.

This is great, because one photo may be better than the other. A bad satellite image can have sun glare or clouds blocking our view of the water clarity.

Anyways, I made a short video below further explaining how to use MODIS Today and interpret the imagery to find clean water.

About the Author Devin Denman

Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He loves alligators but is terrified of cockroaches.

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    Nice technology, I’m really glad you took the time to share this. I had no idea this existed!

  • Devin Denman says:

    Pretty neat, huh?

    Thanks for commenting!

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