April 7, 2015

This Tackle, Technique and Mindset Were Key to a Speckled Trout Slam


Discover the important details that made this epic speckled trout trip possible.

I'll order a speckled trout adventure, please.

A regular of mine wanted to book a trip for him and his son, Brooks. Brooks had recently joined the Marine Corps and was heading to Afghanistan next month.

I'm also a Marine so I knew we'd have a lot to talk about. I got David in the calendar right away!

With the marine forecast predicting awesome seas and winds I just knew we were going to crush the speckled trout, as the last couple days had less than desirable conditions.

We hit up three different spots and didn't catch any trout. It's not that they were bad spots with bad conditions, the trout just weren't there.

So, hustling from one spot to the next was key before I found the fish in numbers. Did I find them!

Shrimp were passing through and were jumping out of the water with specks chasing in pursuit. We were catching them two at a time on a Double Rig.

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Two Speckled Trout at Once

Two Speckled Trout caught at the same time!

In short order we put 75 trout in the box, caught and released some more and left them biting at 9:15AM.

We then agreed we should go find some redfish and that we did, before the water got too hot. David and Brooks boxed six more redfish before we called it a day.

It was a great day on the water, the very kind of day I live for!

75 trout and 6 redfish

How did I catch those speckled trout?

There are important things I employed on this trip to make it successful. Some are tackle, others are technique and mindset.

The Tackle

Inshore Rigs and Double Rigs were the only rigs we used. Of course, live shrimp helps and I left the dock with a hundred in the livewell.

The Technique

Moving with a purpose was key. I was executing the Louisiana Hustle, checking my favorite trout spots.

If I didn't catch trout in five minutes, that just meant it was time to move on. Waiting around rarely pays off.

The Mindset

Putting customers on a summertime speckled trout bite can be nerve-rattling. I have a short window in the morning to find them. Otherwise they get hot and stop feeding as the day progresses.

However, as I hustled from spot to spot, I remained confident, conveying that to David and Brooks before finally finding the trout and beating the tar out of them.

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