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How to Tie a Double Rig

How to Tie a Double Rig

Trout fishing is fast and furious in Louisiana. Learn how to tie a Double Rig and throw gasoline on the flames next time the trout are eating up!

I’ve already described why Double Rigs are so useful. They have these advantages:

  • color experimentation
  • cast further
  • cover more water
  • catch twice as many fish

However, I never really went over how to tie a double rig. It’s an elementary part of your fishing eduction. Every inshore angler should know how to tie a double rig!

How to tie a Double Rig

Materials needed:

  • 36″ length of leader line (I prefer Berkley Trilene Big Game 20lb Test)
  • two jigheads (I use Golden Eye jigheads)
  • preferred artificial lures (Matrix Shad)
Double Rig Material

Use whatever line strength works best for your scenario. Jighead weight will be determined by water movement, but 1/4 oz is a standard weight to use. Choose two different colors, one dark and one light for color experimentation.

Step 1

Create a bight in the leader line. A bight is like a bend. Ensure that one length of the leader line is longer than the other.

You don’t want them to be the same length, the jigheads may tangle on each other.

Use the bight in the line to tie a Figure Eight Knot.

Double Rig Figure Eight Knot

You want one end of the line to be longer than the other end.

Step 2

Tie your jigheads onto each end of the leader line. I use an Angler’s Knot (aka Improved Clinch Knot) for this.

Tie jigheads onto double rig fishing line

Step 3

Tie your casting line onto the loop of the Figure Eight Knot and put on your soft plastic lures.

I prefer to start off with two different colors, usually one dark and one light, until I discover which one the fish like the most.

For this picture I am using Matrix Shad in Lemon Head and Avocado. 

Complete Double Rig


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Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won't hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right.

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