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Windfinder App

My Favorite App for Wind Forecasts

There’s a lot of options out there for wind predictions, but experience has shown me this one works the best.

There is nothing more irritating than not going fishing because of a strong wind forecast, then seeing the wind was calm half the day before kicking up.

That’s a half-day of fishing down the drain!

This just proves that old maxim…

You gotta go to know.

Wind Forecast App

I have used NOAA Marine Forecast for years, but found it to be hit and miss. I had my butt kicked crossing open bays because the wind didn’t blow less than 5 knots as predicted, it blew more like 10-15 knots!

But Windfinder doesn’t have this problem. Mostly because the forecast is more exact. Instead of a 24 hour period, it details a 3-hour period.

Why that's important:

I will know if and when the wind lays down during the day, so I can take advantage of that window to go fishing.

Impact of Strong Wind

Strong winds limit where I can go and the techniques I use. I don’t want to venture into a wide body of water if the wind is gusting to 20 knots!

Examples of this would be fishing in Lake Pontchartrain and Breton Sound. If the wind is too strong the waves will be too big in that wide, open water.

With light wind I have more options, and it’s good to know if those options are available. Watch the video to see more.

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