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fishing is 100% mental

Successful Fishing Is 100% Mental

You probably love fishing for more reasons than one. I know I do, and this dark story illustrates why.

Rick Clunn

Rick Clunn Proves Old Farts Are Still Kick Ass Anglers

Rick Clunn eats millenials for breakfast on the world's most elite tournament trail. Read on to learn how he pulls it off at the ripe young age of seventy two.


RANT: Inshore Fishing Has Never Been Easier

So stop being a sissy and launch the boat already, or read on to see exactly what’s so annoying.


What You Can Learn From This Lunker Bass

We learned lessons from catching one small bass, so what could be had from landing a wall-hanger?

Dink Bass Lessons

What You Can Learn From This Dingleberry Bass

This small, freshwater fish, that no one wants, taught me a powerful lesson about inshore fishing. I’d love to share it with you!

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