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I love Daiwa

Why I Love Daiwa (and why it’s the best kept secret in inshore fishing)

What makes Daiwa stand out from everyone else? It's time you learned about the "best kept secret" in inshore fishing.


Duce Rods ECM69 Casting Rod Review

A medium-power, fast-action rod is the AK-47 of the marsh, standing up to abuse and getting results. Here is one from Duce that has won my admiration.

how to keep rods from tangling

Keep Fishing Rods From Tangling With These Two Inexpensive Items

It’s super annoying when you pick up one fishing pole and two more are snagged on it, that's why you should try these items to keep your rods from tangling.

Winter Jigging Combo for Speckled Trout

My Favorite Winter Jigging Combo for Speckled Trout

The tackle I use may be slightly different from yours, but these details made the difference for me.

What is a long cast?

Are You Casting As Far As You Think?

Do you really cast as far as you think? Should you be casting farther?

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