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lure profile

Do You Know This About Artificial Lures?

We anglers get so wrapped around the axle over lure color, without ever considering this other thing fish are looking for.

The #1 Reason I Bass Fish

The #1 Reason I Bass Fish

Fishing in "freshwater" is beneath some inshore anglers, but they wouldn't think that way if they had the benefits of doing so.

Fish MRGO Long Rocks

How To Fish MRGO Long Rocks For Speckled Trout

Here's the best way to fish MRGO Long Rocks when speckled trout are running thick during their spring transition.

How did Mike land this big speckled trout

How did Mike land this big speckled trout?

By employing a very certain kind of inshore knowledge to land a wall-hanger.

how to keep rods from tangling

Keep Fishing Rods From Tangling With These Two Inexpensive Items

It’s super annoying when you pick up one fishing pole and two more are snagged on it, that's why you should try these items to keep your rods from tangling.

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