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how to keep rods from tangling

Two Things To Keep Rods From Tangling

It’s annoying when you grab one rod and three come with it. See how I keep rods from tangling.

How to Keep Fishing Rods From Tangling

Picture this:

You’re going fishing and you have your rods in the back of the truck.

By the time you meet your buddy at the ramp, all of the rods have become a jumbled mess and pulling them apart without breaking anything is like solving a Rubik’s Cube.

It’s a total pain in the ass for you and an accident waiting to happen for your rods.

Why You Don’t Want Tangled Rods

You don’t want to keep rods from tangling because:

  • you can break a guide
  • or a rod trip
  • truck/boat rash
  • rod could break on hookset
  • knicks fluorocarbon or monofilament line

How do I Keep Rods From Tangling?

I take two approaches:

Hook Bonnets

These are a lifesaver!

Hook Bonnets

They’re good for storing lures/rigs with treble hooks, but also for securing your bait on your rod.

I do this by making a simple modification with a pair of scissors.

I cut off one side, exposing a single hook to secure the bait.

Hook Bonnet kigan

Where to get hook bonnets

You can get these treble hook covers at your local tackle store (I went to Gus’ Tackle in Slidell)

Rod Socks

I run a bass boat (I know, I know….explanation here) and it comes with a rod locker that is a-maz-ing for rod storage. Seriously!

Rod Socks

But even inside that fancy rod locker things somehow get tangled. :/

To combat this I slip rod socks over the rods I am not using so they cannot tangle.

bass boat rod locker

When I used to run my flatboat, I didn’t have rod holders at all and I’d lay my rods down, leaning them against the aft deck.

Using rod socks helped protect them from boat rash and certainly kept them from tangling.

I do not recommend putting rod socks on a vertical rod holder, typical of what you see on bay boats. 

You’re just asking for it to fly off on the interstate! Or worse, break your rod.

Where to get them

Rod socks are available at virtually any tackle store, but they can be $5-$7 apiece, and that adds up quick.

If you don’t mind waiting, you can get rod socks for less than $2 apiece on eBay or Amazon.


A good angler takes care of his tackle to protect his investment and execute fishing trips more smoothly.

Hook bonnets and rod socks help in that endeavor.

Tight lines, y’all.


You’ve probably noticed I only had one spinning reel in my rod locker.

Well, it’s not used for a popping cork, it’s a dropshot rig.

When fish want a suspended presentation, I forego the popping cork and tend to throw a twitchbait or jerkbait.

These lures, when to use them and how to work them is what I teach inside Inshore Fishing 201.

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