December 12

The Myth of Clear Water in Louisiana


Some are quick to tell the world there is no clean water in Louisiana. Those people have never been so wrong.


Louisiana doesn't have clean water!

How many times have you heard that?

If you believed it, I wouldn't blame you.

A ride across any marsh near the Mississippi River would quickly reveal most of the water to be muddy.

But There Really is Clean Water in Louisiana...

I am telling you, with 100% sincerity, that Louisiana doesn't have clean, but super clean, water to fish in.

Still not sure? Then let's dive into this, starting with why it matters at all:

Why do fish like clean water in the first place?

Well, fish like it!

It’s easier on their gills, and they can see more easily in it.

Fish like clean water the same way we like breathing clean air and not a smokey room.

Why do some people say Louisiana only has dirty water?

Probably because they haven't seen everything Louisiana has to offer.

This can be the case whether they are local or out-of-state.

What does clean water look like in Louisiana?

Not unlike what you'd see in Florida's inshore waters.

In fact, here is a video of my last trip sight fishing reds in Florida (which was an incredible experience!)

And here are two videos showing clear water in Louisiana.

How do we find water like what's in the videos?

Good question!

You can begin by using a multitude of resources, like MODIS Today, interpreting consistencies on Google Earth satellite imagery or watching the latest fishing trip reviews.

Reading fishing reports helps, too.

But, I have generally found clean water to be deep inside the marsh, usually around thick grass mats.

In this video, you can see the water change from dirty river water to much cleaner water.

This is because the water is cleaned by the aquatic grass, almost like an air filter.

If you can find big grass mats, then you're not far away from clean water!


The bottom line is that there are excellent sight fishing opportunities in Louisiana.

We have crystal-clear water to catch redfish in, you just have to know where to begin looking for them, and finding them is half the fun.

Question or Comment?

Is there a special way you find clean water in Louisiana?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Hey Juan, I understand it’s frustrating when the fishing gets tough. I’ve definitely been there 1,000 times before.

    But, based off what you told me, it sounds like you found where the fish weren’t. Time to fish somewhere else!

  • Captain Devin I was fishing Stump Lagoon last week and I have never seen such clear water in La. Literally I could see 20 plus feet down my anchor rope like I was looking through air. One problem no fish, no bait, no grass. Water moving beautiful. Whats up? I went 1 mile down the canal water was what I would call normal dirty. Whats up? Some trout but nothing great. Whats up?

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