May 20, 2013

I prefer trout like I prefer my whiskey…on the Rocks


Quick and easy tips on how to make the most of this springtime hotspot

May is the month trout bite at the MRGO Rocks

The MRGO rock jetties out of Hopedale will be quite the sight to see come May. During the weekends many boats will be lined up on the rocks all hoping to get a stab at the speckled trout run.

Hardcore anglers usually pass up the circus in favor for less crowded territory, but if you are going to fish the rocks this May then follow these tips.

Speckled Trout on The MRGO Rocks

Trout Mayhem! How many do you count in the picture?

What to Look For

It is good to get there first or go when it isn't crowded, like during the week. I typically like to drive down the rocks until I see a pile of mullet swimming around.

It is there I will come off plane, put the trolling motor down and make some casts.

I like throwing plastics on a jighead, or even throwing a topwater around the mullet, but using live bait under a cork isn't a bad idea, either.

Go Big or Go Home

Use live croakers to catch the bigger trout! When using live croakers it is good practice to not set the hook the first time the cork goes down.

The trout is just killing the croaker and setting the hook will pull the croaker away. Wait for the second time the cork goes down, reel in the slack and then set the hook. Also, I like to hook my croakers in the "shoulder" or the hump of their back.

The long rocks are a favorite for the May trout run but I feel that the entire MRGO is good to fish, too. You just have to move around in a circuit and find the fish.

MRGO Long Rocks

Captain Devin

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