Way around the Rock Dam in Hopedale
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Route around the MRGO Rock Dam

This is how to get around the MRGO Rock Dam in Hopedale.

Way around the MRGO Rock Dam

I created the picture below to show you how I get around the Rock Dam going across the MRGO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet).

This dam was built in 2009 by the Army Corps of Engineers in order to decommission a failed ship canal providing access to New Orleans.

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Creating routes like this is part of what I teach inside Inshore Fishing 101.

Inside IF101 I show you how to use free software to create your own routes through the marsh and upload those routes to your GPS, so you have them in your boat for your next fishing trip.

Navigating the marsh around Hopedale and the Rock Dam can be confusing, especially since all of the marsh looks the same: water and grass.

But having pre-planned routes on your GPS helps you find your way around the Rock Dam until you are proficient enough to run it blindfolded — kinda like how I do now. :)

Be safe when taking this route! You won’t be the only boat using it. I strongly recommend you run this route during the daytime when you first do so.

And, while you’re in the vicinity of the MRGO Rock Dam, understand that the south side of it isn’t bad fishing. Fishing the rock shoreline is good, but also be sure to look for grassy shorelines like in this fishing report.


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