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Redfish being measured


If you are reading this article then chances are you need a little more information on redfish. That’s great because you’ve come to the right place.

Redfish are a sport fish that can be found through out the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard. Also referred to as red drum or spottail bass, they range in size from a couple pounds to well over 60 pounds.

Redfish are a blast to catch because they fight so hard. It’s not uncommon to hook into a brute of a redfish and spend 20 minutes wearing him out. Because of Louisiana’s vast marshes there is a high creel limit on redfish. You can keep 5 redfish per person, per day. The minimum length is 16″ and you can only keep one over 27″.

A redfish between 16″ and 27″ is referred to as a “slot red”, while a redfish over 27″ is called a “bull red.” Smaller reds measuring under 16″ are referred to as “rat reds.”

We are only allowed to keep one redfish over 27″ because it is those bull reds that spawn the most and are key to the conservation of redfish in Louisiana.

Gorgeous Red Drum

This redfish was caught deep inside the Delacroix marsh. Look at how bronze he is in color.

Redfish can be found in super shallow “ponds” populated with aquatic grass. In contrast, they can also be found offshore in deeper water around structure like rock jetties and oil rigs.

Reds that are found further inside the marsh tend to be more bronze and golden in color while offshore redfish tend to have more of a silver color.

silver colored redfish

This redfish was caught near the beach at Breton Island. Note how silver it is.

Redfish are caught using a variety of means, but live bait under a popping cork seems to work best, but artificial baits work really well, too.

Good bait for redfish includes cracked crab, live shrimp, finger mullet, cocahoes, and dead shrimp.

Redfish can be fried, but are best eaten grilled or blackened. Blackened Redfish is a popular New Orleans dish made famous by Chef Paul Prudhomme. It is highly suggested you give this dish a shot!

The video below shows some great examples of catching redfish in shallow water.

Big bull reds like this one have been referred to as “marsh tuna” because they fight so hard.

Redfish are fun fishing for kids, too!

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