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How I Find Oyster Reefs To Catch Speckled Trout

We all know oyster reefs make for great fishing, but how do we find them? I show you how I find oyster reefs, both marked and unmarked.

Fishing oyster reefs is a common tactic amongst Louisiana’s inshore anglers. Once you find one that continually produces fish, you have a honey hole for life! (forces of nature and man withstanding)

But that’s easier said than done.

So what makes oyster reefs so great? And how do we locate oyster reefs that hold fish?

Find Oyster Reefs

The key to locating oyster reefs is understanding oysters, specifically these two things:

  • oysters don’t like completely fresh water
  • oysters are filter feeders

No freshwater…

Given that information, we know we should not begin looking for areas directly affected by the Mississippi River. The water is simply too fresh for oysters.

And if it’s too fresh for oysters, then it is definitely too fresh for speckled trout, though trout do well in near-fresh water.

So, anywhere there is saltwater there are likely to be oysters, but it’s important to point out that the best oyster reefs are in brackish areas.

Oysters love filtering water

Oysters feed by opening their shells and filtering water that passes through.

This means they grow best in areas with good water movement and plenty of organic detritus, a fancy $10 word describing organic matter (or crap).

Given our understanding of these two things, we can begin to find oyster reefs in places with plenty of moving water and organic matter to feed them.

This equates to areas with good tide and brackish water, especially brackish water mixed with river water.

Bodies of water with good tidelines are what I target. I don’t really focus on salinity levels. I just need to see that the area isn’t covered in river water.

Where do we find oyster reefs?

That’s a good question, one that is explained much better in the video below.

Important Note

This video on how to find oyster reefs is part of the "Find the Best Fishing Spots Using Google Earth" section of Inshore Fishing 101.

That section contains 22 videos detailing how I find great fishing spots ranging from ledges, to oyster reefs, deep holes and more.

One Last Resource

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has this cool interactive map that helps you find oyster leases and such.

Check it out.

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