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How To Expertly Navigate The Spoil Canal And Return Home Safely

The Spoil Canal is the fastest route to get on some specks, but is practically designed to create boating accidents. Here's how to safely run the Spoil Canal and return home without a scratch.


How To Read Fishing Reports in LAFB Inshore Without Having Facebook

Don't have a Facebook account? Don't want one? Still want to read fishing reports to know where redfish are biting? Then this guide is for you.

Dipnotiq Ceramic Pro Review

Ceramic Pro Review: How It Has Held Up On My Boat

Earlier this year I had my new boat coated inside and out with ceramic and I already gave you my first impressions, here's my ceramic pro review three months later.

How will Lake Pontchartrain's algae bloom affect the trout bite?

How will Lake Pontchartrain’s algae bloom affect the trout bite?

Nature throws another curveball at inshore anglers. This is how to adapt.

Redfish Jubilee Sonar

These are Hundreds of Redfish on a Fishfinder

You’ve seen the Redfish Jubilee on land, but have you seen it underwater?

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