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How To Install Standard Mapping E-Card In Lowrance GPS

Satellite imagery isn't displaying in your Lowrance, and it's really putting a hamper on your fishing fun. Here's how to properly install Standard Mapping E-Card in Lowrance GPS.

side imaging shrimp

Side Imaging Shrimp Looks Like This

If you know what shrimp look like on sonar, then you’ll know how many are in a spot. If not, you’ll be left guessing.


What You Can Learn From This Lunker Bass

We learned lessons from catching one small bass, so what could be had from landing a wall-hanger?

interpret side imaging sonar

Easy Way To Understand & Interpret Side Imaging Sonar

Knowing how to interpret side imaging sonar opens doors for anglers, inshore or not. Learn how to unlock this powerful tool.


Are you using sonar to find speckled trout?

Without a doubt, sonar is the most under-utilized tool in our inshore arsenal. Take a look at how you can revolutionize your fishing trips with this cutting-edge technology.

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