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Three Percent Theory

How Does Three Percent Theory Impact Speckled Trout?

What is three percent theory? How does it apply to inshore fishing and, most importantly, how can it help you catch more speckled trout?


Why Did Trout Prefer This Lure Color Change?

Lure color change is the most obvious thing we inshore anglers look for. While other things are more important, dialing in the right color can make a big difference in several ways.

lure profile

Do You Know This About Artificial Lures?

We anglers get so wrapped around the axle over lure color, without ever considering this other thing fish are looking for.

Fish MRGO Long Rocks

How To Fish MRGO Long Rocks For Speckled Trout

Here's the best way to fish MRGO Long Rocks when speckled trout are running thick during their spring transition.

Which Lure Color Landed This Six-Pound Speckled Trout?

This Six Pounder Nailed This Specific Lure Color

You already guessed the lure, but the color may surprise you. It’s one not usually used for speckled trout.

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