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spillway long rocks

Will The Spillway’s River Water Hurt Fishing At The MRGO Long Rocks?

Is there so much river water that the 2019 spring run of speckled trout is negatively affected? Keep reading to learn more.


How This Perfect Killer Could’ve Been Detected (And Saved $1,850)

You already know how my lower unit was ripped in half. In this video I detail how it could’ve been identified and prevented. I show you step-by-step.


Find Any Lake or Bayou From Scratch

Find any lake or bayou using this simple trick, so you know exactly where to go fishing and how to get there.


Highways, Streets and Sidewalks

Some look at the marsh and see a bunch of grass and water. What do you see? Is it this?

Where will clean water be after the spillway

Where will clean water be after the spillway?

A bird’s eye view – scratch that – astronaut’s point of view shows us where river water went the last time Bonnet Carr√© Spillway was opened.

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