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MP41M Data: Dead as a Doornail

Also known as CSI-16, this platform had a set sensors on it that provided a lot of great data, like wave height and vectors for both wind and current. Alas, it has been down for awhile (over a year) and now it looks as if it won’t be getting funding to be repaired. I used it frequently to plan trips into Breton Sound. (Read the Fishing Planning article.)

From the website:

CSI-16 is temporarily offline due to lack of funding. We will resume providing data as soon as we get new funding to do so.

Bummer, dude. :(

Venice Routes from Fan of The Blog

GPS Routes for Venice, Louisiana

A reader of the blog and avid Google Earth user made these routes that he uses of the Venice area since fall of last year. Charles B sent them to me in order to share them on the blog. Charles, much thanks!

I have always loved reader participation and have recently created a place for you to do exactly that. Please visit Louisiana Fishing Reports and register your profile today! Registration is quick and simple. The forums are moderated and easy-to-use. I look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to save this .kml file.

Venice Louisiana Routes Southwest Pass Mississippi River LaLoutre Baptiste Collette