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Delacroix Closed to Fishing

Part of Delacroix Closed to Fishing

It seems ridiculous this is even possible, but it’s very real and spreading across Louisiana’s marsh.


Brian Glorioso is Fighting for Inshore Anglers

The greatest threat to fishing isn’t coastal erosion, it’s the people who want to take it away. This man is stepping up to those people to fight for inshore anglers.

flying boat

Wanna fish Louisiana? You may need this flying boat!

Do you plan on staying in Louisiana? Then you may want to trade in your bay boat for a “bay plane”. I tell you why.

Gerald Swindle Sabine River Practice Hat

Gerald Swindle nails it with this joke!

The G-man, never lacking his sense of humor, offers this unique solution when fishing near Louisiana’s waters.


Randy Moertle claims “public is out of control”

According to this land manager, Louisiana’s wetlands cannot be trusted to the public.

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